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randi maggid portraitHi, I'm Randi Maggid and I am a breathwork healer and author. Beverly Hills Concentration Camp chronicles my journey of healing and transformation, from a life of incapacitating chronic pain and confusion to freedom, joy and self love. Through learning to heal myself and express my soul, I was able to find my true calling: to help others heal themselves and their lineage, and to raise consciousness in the world. 

When we're healed and in love with our lives again, there's so much greater harmony and joy in ourselves, our families and our relationships, and this spreads out to the world! That's the thread you’ll find through all my work — from private sessions and group classes, to healing products and collaborative workshops, I strive to live each moment with an open heart.

A native of California, I’ve also lived in Chicago and Israel. Living abroad and learning a new language was a life-changing adventure that gave me a stronger appreciation for my Jewish culture, as well as for the American culture in which I was born. Highlights of my days include writing, cooking, pilates, breathwork, hiking, walking on the beach and spending time with my two teenage children and treasured husband of more than 20 years. Read more... 



Beverly Hills Concentration Camp: A Healing Journey and Memoir


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Beverly Hills Concentration Camp

Randi Maggid

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Beverly Hills Concentration Camp chronicles the life of a young Jewish girl living in Beverly Hills forced to live with a family dynamic she denies, as she pretends to be just like everybody else. Little does she know that her processing takes a toll on her mind and body causing unrelenting pain. As she figures out how to heal herself, she finds the true meaning of spirit, love, and redemption.

“Beverly Hills Concentration Camp is a fascinating read! You will be taken on an entertaining healing journey that might bring reflection and great insight to your own life. Enjoy the ride!" — David Elliot, Healer, Author