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About the Book:





Dear Randi, It's 6:58 a.m. and I have just finished your book. I've been reading almost non-stop for a few days. First I want to commend you on your writing style. And for your courage to put your life in writing. You and your book remind me of Rabbi Naomi Levy's 1st book  TO BEGIN AGAIN. Naomi spoke to our Temple when her book first came out in 1998. If you haven't read it, I could lend you my signed copy. It was she that gave me the faith and fuel to go on after my husband's untimely passing in 1994. I'm a bit too tired to say more now but, at some time soon, I'd like to chat with you about your writing techniques and bumps in the road along the way. I have finished all the research, interviewed all I need to, and walked in the shoes of my husband in Shanghai, China and have started putting pen to paper. If you are comfortable with talking to me, I'd be honored and appreciate it. My number is 310 316-5290. I know I can't make up my loss of sleep in a few hours but I'm going to try. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mazel Tov on your book and to yourself. Faith Goldman



3/14/ 2016

hi Randi

wow, I finished your book. I am speechless and in awe of what you have done for yourself and what you have accomplished. the only thing I knew from before was that you've always had a rocky relationship with your mom and that she was a survivor. Now, I know why. All I can say is WOW! 


I've been wanting to come to Breathworks for a while (Friday nights never seemed to work) but I might try to come tomorrow night with Susan and Jo. If tomorrow does not work, I definitely want to try it! I might discover something about myself too :)






“Congrats on the Launch, Randi and the best to you and those who read it and realize the new options for living and re writing their script of life”

— Donald Epstein  





I'm hooked. I landed in Chicago in 86 then moved to la in 88. Great city!!!   Great reading. Loving it!!  


Long time since I picked up a book and can't wait to read more!!! 




I am soo enjoying !!  2 of my clients want it for there book club !! 3/4 through



What a great read!!!  I couldn't put it down!!  Fred found my right arm as I've been holding your book every free moment between work family sleep !!! I won't bug you any more. Thankx. You are going to help a lot of people!!  Xx


Allison Kanjo

Hair stylist






The book, I love it.  I have trouble finishing books but this one I say to myself" you probably should go to sleep at some point".


I'm going to feel lost after I finish it. I look forward to reading it every night.


Caryn Shapiro, CPA



About the sessions:


When I walk into a breathwork session, I don’t always know what I need other than I know I need to be there. I state my intention and listen to Randi’s opening words as she creates a safe space. As I breathe, she is there supporting whatever I am dealing with at the moment and somehow, magically, always seems to have selected the right songs, in the right order where she intuitively guides me forward with the assistance of healing oils, touch and words. Sometimes I have a much needed cry, sometimes I connect with my past, sometimes I find clarity, and sometimes I simply relax but always, I feel I have gone another step forward in my quest to elevate myself to a higher spiritual level.


Felice Zoota | Lead Software Business Analyst | MedAssets