Praise for Randi's work from some of her many wonderful energy healing and home/office clearing clients...


Breathwork and Energy Healing


"Life suddenly became simple and joyous again"

On the moonless night of May this year, my life was feeling just a bit too complicated and overwhelm began to get the better of me.  Then I had a (chair healing session) with Randi. A bit uneasy and worried, thoughts began to race through my mind - of what should I be healed of?  is it serious? should I be strong and protect others from my pain, or be truly authentic and vulnerable and let the wounds heal?  It was perhaps an obvious choice really since we were the only two there.  Feeling comfortable and safe after doing some protective practices (POP) with her to begin, I was seated with open hands on my thighs and eyes closed while Randi quietly went about her work. An invigorating massage and occasional mists of aromatherapy filled my senses of a not so distant camping trip.  I felt snuggled by Mother Earth and energized by Spirit while my defenses came crumbling down to the rhythm of distant Tibetan bowls coming somewhere in my mind.  It was then I knew my healing journey began.  Life suddenly became simple and joyous again with abundant possibilities filling my soul. Life is good. And Randi knows how to bring it home.

—Kimi L., Ventura, CA


"Immediate health benefits"

I've had the pleasure of taking both private & group breath work classes with Randi Maggid. Breath work has helped me reach a level of relaxation I've never experienced before. I noticed immediate health benefits including reduced anxiety & improved sleep. I've learned valuable breathing techniques that I'm able to use everyday & continue to enjoy the benefits.

—Aisha M., Huntington Beach, CA


"Natural warmth, intuitive nature and breadth of insight"

Having experienced various healing modalities throughout the last 30 years (not to mention my own professional and personal studies for the last 10years), my therapeutic experiences with Randi have been some of the best ones to date! Given her natural warmth, intuitive nature and breadth of insight, Randi has helped me access areas of great depth with astounding success. She fosters a unique ability that I've seldom encountered in that by the end of Randi's sessions, I reach a place of tranquility regardless of my initial state, every time without fail. In some instances, there have been direct and physical connections with loved ones who have passed always accompanied by great insights.

From the very first breath work experience, I was hooked and have returned again and again, my body & soul light up at the very thought of the opportunity. Randi's private sessions have proven to be equally rewarding and am amazed at the level of depth we reach mere minutes into our sessions. I am very much looking forward to my next encounter with Randi!

—Annalouise T., Austin, TX


"Profound awareness and care" 

Randi is the bomb! She brings a profound awareness and care to her healings. Randi is uniquely skilled and able to perceive several spiritual causes (often entities) of what is holding you back. She takes the time to listen and then deals with whatever is causing your blocks in a get down to business, matter-of-fact no nonsense kind of way.  Thank you, Randi!

—M. S., Santa Monica, CA


"I raved about it for weeks"

I found my session with Randi to be a most profound experience. I raved about it for weeks. It was only one session, however it was incredible how I went from feeling disassociated to being very present in my body. Looking forward to my next session with Randi !!! 

—Michelle Joyce, Redondo Beach, CA


"She is thoughtful and dedicated"

Randi makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed due to her calming nature. Her expertise allows her to find the tension in the body. She uses her well-trained hands and healing power to relieve the tension. She is thoughtful and dedicated, and very much wants her clients to benefit from her treatments.

—Natalie L., Torrance, CA


Group Breathwork Classes


"Take her class - you won't be sorry."

Randi's class was a life-changer for me as she teaches the ancient breathing techniques that can restore one's inner-peace. I use the techniques she taught me to sleep better at night. Really enjoy any opportunity I can get to take her class - you won't be sorry."

—Leanne H., Manhattan Beach


"Nothing has been as healing and powerful" 

I have been to two of Randi's breath work classes and found them truly amazing experiences in which I was able to profoundly release energy blocks in my body. I have done other body work over the years and nothing has been as healing and powerful as this technique. I think it is the alchemy of Randi providing a safe and supportive environment for this work, and being at a place in my life where I am ready for it, that have made this work so transformative. Thanks Randi!

—Nancy S., Torrance, CA


"Now I know how to keep my channels clear and how to free my body from pain"

     I decided to check out Randi's Breathwork group while reading her book, Beverly Hills Concentration Camp.  I had never heard of Breathwork, but assumed it had something to do with meditation, a practice for which I'd had little success.   In general, I am a restless person with little time for sitting still, never mind lying on a mat and just breathing.  Still, I felt very connected to her personal story, enough to commit an hour of my time learning something new.  I am so glad that I did.

     What I discovered is Breathwork is an alternate, easier path, to a meditative state.  I found I connected to a peaceful place within myself.  I’d shown up with my curiosity and a pain in my hip, and left feeling light and energized.  I did not understand how this healing worked, but I did not care.  I just knew I was on to something new and good for me.  In a way, it felt as if I’d done a sort of, internal Spring-cleaning.  I left feeling lighthearted and invited my neighbor to come try it out.  She had a similar experience, as did her husband, which was also nice, as now they come to our groups as well.

     A year later, I can honestly say that the practice of Breathwork is an integral part of my daily life.  Going to Randi’s group is how I stay connected to others who share in this practice.  It is a lot like going to a place where everyone knows your name, but it isn’t a bar.  You may end up feeling a little bit drunk, but luckily, shots of your own wisdom don’t come with a hangover. 

     It may sound cheesy to say, “Try it.  You’ll like it,” but I will. I invite you to show up with all your baggage.  Bring your pains, frustrations, confusions, or just your curiosity.  Twenty-bucks later, you will leave a lot behind; what will you gain, can only be measured by you.  My higher self still sucks at Math, but I can tell you that for me, every breath I take, I take differently these days.  Now that I understand the power of my own breath and how to use my own energy, I know how to keep my channels clear and how to free my body from pain. 

 —Kathleen B., Redondo Beach, CA


"When my husband noticed what a change that the class has made in me, he started attending"

I started coming to Breathwork because I suffer from anxiety – but the benefits have been far greater than just helping to alleviate my anxiety. I have noticed that I am much more mindful in my everyday life since I began coming to class. For example, when my husband or work colleagues say something that could be taken the wrong way, I am able to step back for a moment and consider the situation before responding. I am able to avoid many of the events that were causing me anxiety in the first place. When my husband noticed what a change that the class has made in me, he started attending and feels that it has made a considerable difference in his depression. When I brought a friend who was very familiar with other types of meditation, she described the experience as “euphoric” and hopes to bring her own husband to a class soon. Everyone that I have shared Randi’s class with so far has loved it so much that they have wanted to share the class with someone else. Randi does a great job of tailoring each class to the individual goals of the participants. I would recommend the class to anyone and everyone and frequently do!

—Erin F., Redondo Beach, CA


"I now recognize the happy and joy in my life"

Dear Randi,

From the beginning, I knew the breath work class was helping me. I felt positive energy after each class. It has taken time to overcome my sadness. I am so glad I continued and remained consistent as I now recognize the "happy" and joy in my life.

 Thank you for being there,

—Angela Aylward, Fine Artist/Art Facilitator, Hawthorne, CA


"Let go of toxicity from my former marriage"

My introduction to Breathwork happened while having difficulty breathing. After six weeks of coughing allergies and asthma, my friend Nita reminded me of Randi. I attended, being open to the process. With gentle music and essential oil’s and just breathing is much is possible, one can feel better. Focusing on the breath, I began to let go of toxicity from my former marriage.  The asthma appeared after my ex-husband’s death and the reminders of why I left the marriage. I went inside the home where I used to be with him and the congestion began. I let go with the Breathwork, processed the pain and grief, and within a few days I had released much of the grief. I’m grateful for Randi and her work. 

—Chaplain Bonnie Leopold, Redondo Beach, CA


"Groundbreaking—I compare it to an intense 2 hours workout without the sweat"

Randi's breathwork class is groundbreaking—I compare it to an intense 2 hours workout without the sweat—and I'm so proud that I did something for myself. Not often do I get to take an hour or more to unwind, and let go. That's how I feel when I leave her class. With her guided meditation, she makes it possible.

The breathwork class takes place in a beautiful serene relaxed environment. When I do my breath work I have exercised my freedom to release all negative energy and to feel restored and renewed. She has healing words of wisdom. I definitely feel better each and every time. For me to be able to feel calm and at the same time excited about life...Randi you are truly a gift. Thank you!! For all that you do for the universe. 

—Belinda R., Redondo Beach, CA



Home and Business Clearings


"The cat and I have become good friends"

Dear Randi,

The house and the cat are better! I didn’t know what to expect but had to try something positive. I missed my mom, the cat’s behavior was becoming intolerable and there was all the negative energy, “gunk” stuck in some areas of the house.

During the process, I could sense healing and relief. The aromatherapy you chose for the house was lifting my spirits. The cat enjoyed your attention and brushing.

However, it was not until days, weeks later that I noticed no cat “throw up”, no scratching and pulling the carpet and no more annoying meows. There is a better atmosphere and if all negative memories come to mind they quickly dissipate. The cat and I have become good friends; I never knew she loved lavender so much and when I go through the rooms there’s a feeling of calmness and serenity. 

Thank you for the house clearing and a happier cat!


—Angela Aylward, Fine Artist/Art Facilitator, Hawthorne, CA


"She was fast to respond to my inquiry, punctual, friendly and ready to begin"

We contracted Randi's services for a business cleansing after my partner and I would hear noises, the air was heavy and just didn't feel right. She was fast to respond to my inquiry, punctual, friendly and ready to begin her work on the day scheduled. I was present during the whole process which took about an hour or so.  I noticed that she was thorough and as she was going from room to room, I felt the heaviness lift little by little. I was surprised at how much lighter the air felt after she was done, I could breathe again! I knew then that she had done a great job. I would recommend her to friends and family!

Thank you, Randi! 

—Cristina J., Solar Lotus, Downey, CA


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