Private Sessions

Contact Randi by phone or email for pricing and inquiries. Skype sessions available.


Spiritual Energy Healings  

Randi offers her clients private healing sessions in a relaxed and comfortable setting, either laying down, seated or standing. Sessions are custom designed to address the specific needs of each person. These spiritual healing techniques revolve around the major chakras (energy centers) and fill the body with spiritual energy, helping to relieve physical and emotional issues while attracting positive influences. She is also able to cut out and remove entities and attachments (negative thought forms), allowing a person to move forward more easily in life and work.

Randi is the bomb! She brings a profound awareness and care to her healings. Randi is uniquely skilled and able to perceive several spiritual causes (often entities) of what is holding you back. She takes the time to listen and then deals with whatever is causing your blocks in a get down to business, matter-of-fact no nonsense kind of way.  Thank you, Randi!

—M. S., Santa Monica, CA


Breathwork Healing Sessions

An unexpected pleasure, breathwork can change your life! Based on a two-stage ancient breathing meditation, you’ll learn to heal yourself as you experience a deeply relaxing and revitalizing renewal of mind, body and soul. Energy moves through the body creating newfound joy, creativity and enthusiasm. Releasing stored traumas, negative thoughts, everyday stress, anxiety, pain and unwanted patterns opens the space for creative solutions and infinite blessings to enter in.

"Given her natural warmth, intuitive nature and breadth of insight, Randi has helped me access areas of great depth with astounding success. She fosters a unique ability that I've seldom encountered in that by the end of Randi's sessions, I reach a place of tranquility regardless of my initial state, every time without fail. In some instances, there have been direct and physical connections with loved ones who have passed always accompanied by great insights"

—Annalouise T., Austin, TX


Home/Office Clearings and Blessings


For the Home: 

Clearing your living space with the immense power of "spiritual light” cleansing is essential so negative energies stuck in the walls vibrate out of existence. If you have experienced a period of sadness or negativity, a House Clearing can clean this energy and help you to move forward in your life. Some homes may have been used for dark purposes. These energies can linger, acting as “spiritual parasites” who derive joy by draining the energy of current residents without them knowing—often even altering their behavior. Randi helps clean this up, and places a screen of protection around the home to deter future attacks on you and your family. 

"The house and the cat are better! I didn’t know what to expect but had to try something positive. I missed my mom, the cat’s behavior was becoming intolerable and there was all the negative energy, “gunk” stuck in some areas of the house. There is a better atmosphere now and if negative memories come to mind they quickly dissipate. The cat and I have become good friends; I never knew she loved lavender so much and when I go through the rooms there’s a feeling of calmness and serenity.”

—Angela Aylward, Fine Artist/Art Facilitator, El Segund


For the Office:

An office blessing or clearing can clean out the old energies remaining from the previous owners or tenants. Randi will then fill the space with new positive energy and offer a complimentary healing session to align you with this new energy. An office blessing/clearing can also be used to seal off your workplace from unwanted outside influences.

"We contracted Randi's services for a business cleansing after my partner and I would hear noises, the air was heavy and just didn't feel right. She was fast to respond to my inquiry,   I noticed that she was thorough and as she was going from room to room, I felt the heaviness lift little by little. I was surprised at how much lighter the air felt after she was done, I could breathe again!"
—Cristina J., Solar Lotus, Downy


Group Breathwork

Randi holds space and guides her clients through a powerful two-stage Pranayama yoga group breathwork meditation that releases stress while bring in connection, joy and true sense of well-being. Blocked places in the body are unlocked creating more movement, freedom, creativity and for most, a stronger connection to spirit. Classes are safe, fun and inspirational—changing lives for the better!

Group classes are offered on the following schedule: 

Monday Nights: 8:00 PM at Tara’s Garden 

Tara’s Garden 
700 N. Pacific Coast Highway Suite 300 
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

First and Third Tuesday Nights each month: 8:00 PM at Venus By Desire

Venus By Desire 
700 N. Pacific Coast Highway Suite 300 
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Friday Nights: 6:00 PM at The Sacred Stone Gallery

The Sacred Stone Gallery 
1932 Elena Avenue 
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

"When I do my breath work I have exercised my freedom to release all negative energy and to feel restored and renewed. She has healing words of wisdom. I definitely feel better each and every time. For me to be able to feel calm and at the same time excited about life...Randi you are truly a gift. Thank you!! For all that you do for the universe.”

—Belinda R., Redondo Beach


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